Fool Proof Strategies for Creating a Successful Social Media Campaign

Are you one of the many small business owners who had high ambitions of implementing a social media campaign? Did you create a company Twitter account or Facebook page, but haven’t posted anything in the last three months? Do you find yourself too busy to write your weekly newsletter or blog entry?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you are in need of a social media campaign plan. In order to properly utilize the multiple channels, you must be sure to post content regularly and consistently to make an impact within the market. This is the main reason why so many social media strategies are unsuccessful. Frequency is key.

Here at Advantage, we understand that a hectic schedule and inadequate content can hamper efforts. In collaboration with some social media experts, we have begun implementing the following fool proof strategies to strengthen our online presence:

1. Editorial Calendar: At the end of 2013 our marketing department sat down as a team and formed a unique calendar through Google Drive. The calendar features a content schedule, identifying tasks that need to be accomplished by certain dates. It is simple to navigate, edit and view, anytime, anywhere, by any team member. This is one of the easiest methods to plan and consistently publish social media content across all channels.

2. Social Media Dashboard: Once you establish a content calendar, creating a dashboard further organizes your online efforts. Create a Google Doc to share among your company. This spreadsheet should be used to keep track of the multiple social media platforms. After establishing the dates that content should be published (via your content calendar), fill in the topic of each post. Once your content is posted, be sure to track which social media channel was utilized.

3. Content Scheduler: In an effort to ensure consistent and frequent posts, take the time to create content before the day it is due to be published. Create a file on Google Drive and write drafts of upcoming posts or utilize scheduling functions on the various platforms to automatically release information at a unique, predefined date and time.

By combining management tools and an organized social media strategy, planning ahead will ensure success. A predefined editorial calendar, strategic social dashboard and competent content scheduler, will give you more time to focus on the most important things: creating interest and expanding your brand’s online reach!

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