How to create a movement around your book

Authors are modern day storytellers. And stories are what bring the experiences of life to others.  Donald Miller is a New York Times Bestseller who is passionate about storytelling.  So much so that he has launched, an online hub for his most recent book and workbook Storyline. Donald is a great example of an author doing it right in 2013. Why? Because he didn’t just write a book; instead he’s starting a movement by inviting other people to participate in his idea.  So often, when we sit down to write our masterpiece, we forget the most important person: the reader. Modern readers don’t want a passive book experience.  They need activity, engagement and a series of follow up action steps.

How to create a movement around your book:

  • Create a reader’s guide – A few pages on how to get the most from the lessons you share.  Focused questions that will stimulate the reader’s own reflections to apply your principles, not just read them and forget them.
  • Create a leader’s guide – Instructions for how to start a small group discussion or local event around the ideals of your book.
  • Build an easy to use website – An online place for more information about your book and activities after the book is published to keep the reader involved.
  • Connect your readers to each other – A mechanism for your readers who share an interest in you and your message. Typically a web based forum today, but it could also be a live event or monthly call.
  • Deliver tools to help others take action – An arsenal of photos, checklists, easy to copy text, and any other communication tools that enable your ambassadors to do the job swiftly and with pride.

Treat your book like a conversation. Allow the reader to respond to your ideas, share their stories and enable them to inspire others to join.


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