According to Social Media Examiner’s 2016 Social Media Marketing Industry Report, 60 percent of marketers use video in their marketing, and 73 percent plan on increasing their use of video. This statistic is a significant increase from previous years, as more and more marketers are realizing the importance of video driven content, which isn’t surprising considering people love to experience through a variety of senses.

“Video is the most interactive and engaging type of content to date, appealing to hearing, vision and giving us a sense of motion,” explains Lesya Liu, Contributor to

Crafting a video strategy for your business can improve conversion rates and engagement, regardless of if your goal is to advertise your product or for pure entertainment.

Here are 3 tips from marketing professionals on how to leverage your video content for not only a better user-experience, but to also garner engagement and leads.

Create Short Videos to Inform

You wouldn’t expect an audience to read several pages about your product or brand, so why submit them to watch a long, boring video?

“Condensing your information in a short and fun video gives viewers enough of what they need to know—and if that’s not enough, give them a ‘Learn More’ destination to visit,” says Zach Binder, Director of Marketing Operations at American Addiction Centers. “Whether your video is a tutorial or an overview of a company’s mission, the best content is short and easy to digest. Ideally, you can consolidate what you need to say in less than a minute and include a good hook.”

Most importantly, remember that you have less than ten seconds to grab the attention of your audience.

Get Social With Videos

Every social media platform nowadays allows for you to upload video content because of the surge in visual media consumption. Facebook and Twitter even made adjustments to their algorithms to push video content into more feeds, and there’s a reason for that. Updates to social sites included better resolutions, player sizes, etc. Some social sites, such as YouTube and Facebook, encourage businesses to have a featured video or trailer on their page.

“Take advantage of it by uploading your videos natively to every platform you’re active on,” explains Lesya Liu. “The organic reach for video posts is usually a little higher than simple text and image updates. Also, over time, you can build an extensive multimedia library on all platforms, improving and enhancing brand experience away from your website.”

Add a Human Touch

You’re utilizing video content to show the world what a great business or brand you are, so why not share customer testimonials?

Ask your customers to appear in a video and tell their story and experience working with your company. Putting a human face to your brand builds a deeper connection with new and existing audiences.

“Your content will be relatable on a much larger scale and will show off the best parts of your business to the people you want to reach,” says Zach Binder. “Make every effort to validate the authenticity of your testimonials, unless you want to appear as if you’ve fabricated these stories. Viewers are more intuitive than you think, and spotting a bad actor has become second nature to anyone who has ever been awake at 3 a.m., mesmerized by an infomercial.”

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