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At Advantage|ForbesBooks, we are lucky to have a fiercely talented graphic design team. Each day, our designers are working tirelessly to craft the perfect cover for our authors’ books. They bring the author’s vision to life in perhaps the most exciting step of the hybrid publishing process. Each month in Cover, our monthly design newsletter, we’ll explore three of their eye-popping cover designs, and have you get to know a Member of the design team. 




PropTech101_book covers from hybrid publishers



title: Proptech 101

authors: Aaron Block Zach Aarons

imprint: Advantage

fonts used: Brandon Grotesque, Playfair BARLOW

did you notice…

The lines from the glowing spots on the rooftops wrap around the spine to the back cover. These lines originate from a map of the world to display the global reach of PropTech. The lines and the map will have a glossy finish on the matte jacket when printed.

Designed By: Melanie Cloth

designer notes

“As technology develops at a breakneck pace, it’s easy to get left behind. Aaron Block and Zach Aarons, the cofounders of MetaProp—a leading PropTech venture capital firm—wrote this book as a guide to help real estate executives begin to navigate the world of PropTech with confidence. The iconic Manhattan skyline overlaid with the grid and glowing connections touching the rooftops illustrate the intersection of real estate and technology. The juxtaposition of the modern sans-serif font on top of the classic serif font helps solidify the theme.”


The Massachusetts Biotech boom_book covers from hybrid publisherstitle: The Massachusetts Biotech Boom

author: Kevin M. O’Brien

imprint: Advantage

fonts used: Filson Soft. HALOGEN Abril Text Italic

did you notice…

The word “BOOM” appears to pass behind the test tubes, inviting a sense of dimension to the design. The portions of the letters that appear to be behind the tubes were cut out and treated to create the illusion of being behind glass.

Designed By: George Stevens

designer notes

“Kevin’s a financial planner whose message is geared toward executives and entrepreneurs in the thriving biotech industry of Massachusetts. He wanted a cover that appealed to this sector, while clearly conveying that this is a book about industry economics, not biotechnical science. The goal was a modern, geometric, and clean design. I think the colors and sleek sans serif type treatments, paired with the evocative image of cash in a test tube, combined for the perfect look.”


Taming the sabertooth_book covers designed by hybrid publisherstitle: Taming the Sabertooth

author: Tracey Grove

imprint: Advantage

fonts used: COUTURE GOTHAM

fun fact…

Tracey was the rare author that not only knew exactly what her cover imagery should be, but also already owned the image. It was simply a matter of developing the right design to work with the image.

Designed By: Carly Blake


designer notes

“Tracey is an executive coach and international speaker specializing in leadership and resilience. To counter the potential scariness and aggressiveness of a tiger image, the type and coloring has a softer, more elegant feel. The brighter coloring of the type also creates the illusion of depth, and paired with the lighting of the image, it makes you feel like the tiger is lurking in the shadows. Tracy was a joy to work with—enthusiastic and engaged, and the result was a design we both loved.”

wesley strickland hybrid publisher graphic designer profile

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