If you’ve been thinking about writing a book, you’ve probably considered what the process might look like. Maybe you’ve imagined how you’d squeeze the writing into an already packed schedule, spending the few free hours you have—the dark of early mornings and late nights—working on a manuscript. Perhaps you’ve also wondered about how the words in your head or on the page become a published book, period—pondering the numerous people and logistics involved in getting from here to there. 

Those thoughts alone can be pretty overwhelming, and they’re just one of the many reasons that the majority of business leaders stop right there. And with good reason: For the few ambitious professionals who do move forward, taking their desire to write a book from an item on their “to-do” list to a manuscript draft, the process typically takes about three years. But it doesn’t have to. 

In fact, bringing a book from hypothetical to hard copy can take as little as twenty-four hours of your time (which may very well be less time than you’ve spent thinking about it already). Wondering how that’s possible? While crafting your book takes less than a day of your life, we pour over 250 hours of ours into your project, helping you create a beautiful book you’re proud of and—perhaps most important—one that delivers results. Read on for an inside look at how painless, profitable, and—dare we say it—fun creating your book can be. 


Step 1: Blueprint your book

A solid plan is crucial to any successful venture, and writing a book is no different. That’s why we take your insights and apply our own expertise to design a clear, comprehensive, and actionable blueprint of your book, preparing you to begin the next phase with confidence. You’ll be invited to our flagship office in stunning Charleston, South Carolina, to spend the day with our team. Together, we’ll talk through your business model, brainstorm ideas and build a book blueprint expressly developed to drive extraordinary growth for your brand. 


Step 2: Create the content—no writing (or typing) necessary

Next, it’s time to generate the manuscript. But you can forget about spending those few free moments of the day hunched over your keyboard. You’ll be paired with a ghostwriter or project editor with exceptional credentials (members of our team have won numerous industry awards and worked for Forbes, Random House, HarperCollins, Disney, Time, and more), helping to ensure that your book is of the highest editorial quality. Over the course of ten to twenty hours, your project editor or ghostwriter will interview you by phone (on your schedule), transcribe your ideas and transform the raw material into a smart, well-organized, polished manuscript that’s ready for editing and publication.


An account manager, graphic designer and web designer will round out your masterful team, working with you to execute every aspect of your book and marketing plan. 


Step 3: Publish your book

After editing, you’ll work with our team to design a book worthy of a space on any bookstore shelf (real or virtual)—or best-seller list. Described as the most thrilling part of the process, this is where your book truly comes to life. You can leave the logistics to us: We manage all printing, distribution and sales to online and offline retail outlets. Another plus: you own the rights to your book, a real advantage over traditional publishers. 


Step 4: Market your book

Writing a book is all about building your authority, and we help you develop and implement a plan to do just that. Our Authority Marketing® system does much of the heavy lifting for you, giving you more time to launch your next project or extra hours with the people you love most. Our custom personal brand websites, publicity packages and educational events provide even more opportunities to expand your reach and get your message out there. 


ForbesBooks interviewThat’s it! In as little as 180 days, we can have your published book in your hands and available in bookstores—compared to the average two years it takes with a traditional publisher. That means you’ll be on your way to next-level personal brand or business promotion, generating new leads, promoting a cause or philosophy you care deeply about, or achieving the kind of fame and fortune you may have once believed to be unattainable. With the new year fast approaching, there’s no better time to start.


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