Jennifer Carroll, former Lieutenant Governor of Florida, and author of When You Get There: An Autobiography shares her experiences of working with Adam Witty and the Advantage team.

“I am Jennifer Carroll, former Lieutenant Governor of Florida and I am an Advantage author. I recently wrote a new autobiography called When You Get There. Advantage is my publisher and I have had the wonderful experience of meeting all of the great people that work at Advantage. I truly appreciated how they held me by the hand and really formulated this wonderful product that I am very, very proud to call my autobiography.

The Advantage family has helped me to expose my book, to get more exposure on a national scene with regards to the interviews I have had nationally, with regards to interviews I have had in my local area and my state, and it has really catapulted me into another level of exposure so that people would be able to read my book, see my book, know what I am talking about.

My industries are: being a woman, being a mother, being a former military person, as a veteran, as well as a political person, elected to office and working in government. And all of these facets of my life and my experiences is what I share in my book When You Get There and Advantage has helped me in crafting the content of my book to relate to these industries so when the readers of these industries see it, that they can have a buy in to my story and relate to it as well as others who don’t know the industry that they too can get a sense and feel of what it is like to work in these industries as well.

I am going to be participating in the Miami Book Fair International for 2014, this gives me an exposure that is unbelievable. It has put me on a national stage with regards to television programs where people didn’t know me as an author, but now that they do. The Advantage marketing team has been right there by my side to help guide me and share with me what I should be doing, what I shouldn’t be doing and really taking me through the process step-by-step to make sure that I get the maximum rate of return for being an author.

Selecting Advantage was pretty easy, in that they received rave reviews from a friend of mine who is an author and he had an excellent experience with Advantage. Word of mouth goes a long ways, and when someone has a personal experience that they can attest that this was a good publishing company to go to, I chose Advantage. And I am certainly glad I did.

I am Jennifer Carroll and I am an Advantage author.”

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