Hi I am Jennifer Nicole Lee, I am an international fitness celebrity and best selling author and I live in Miami, Florida.

I have published three books with Advantage, I have published the Mind, Body and Soul diet book, my Fun, Fit Foodie cookbook and also the Fitness Model Diet book. Being an author has really done a lot for my business. It has helped me increase my brand, gain new clients and land a lot of great deals.

I am in the fitness, health and self-improvement industry and even cooking with my cookbook, and it really has helped me expand my brand, meet new contacts and really impact a lot of people through the power of a book.

The return of my investment with my books has really been exceptional. I have been able to meet new contacts, to breakthrough other plateaus in businesses, meet new people and really start networking with the real true movers and shakers and top industry leaders.

I decided to work with Advantage because I was just really impressed with their hard work ethic.  They took their authors very seriously. They gave them the top, white glove treatment and treats everyone with such great respect.

My name is Jennifer Nicole Lee and I am an Advantage Author.

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