Founder and President of Heads Up Coaching and Consulting, Lisa Parker, on Being an Advantage Author

Lisa Parker, Founder and President of Heads Up Coaching and Consulting and author of Managing the Moment: A Leader’s Guide to Building Executive Presence One Interaction at a Time shares her experiences of working with Adam Witty and the Advantage team.

“I am Lisa Parker and I am the President of Heads Up Coaching and Consulting headquartered in New York City. I published my first, and so far my only book, with Advantage last March.

This is my beautiful book called Managing the Moment. The topic is building executive presence, so it’s really appropriate for up-and-coming leaders, for business professionals for anybody who has to interact with people and really wants to bring their best self to that interaction, that’s what the book is about.

I am an executive coach, so I work with executives on how to improve their presence, their presentation skills their communication and their overall leadership. The way that I use the book is as a workbook. I might be working with a client on how to make technical presentations less boring, so let’s go to chapter five and we get out the book and I tell them what to work on. Or if I say, they are working on their brand, if they feel like they are overlooked in their company and they need to solidify their brand, we get out the book and we do the branding activity that is in the book and they get to keep it and work with it and use it and hopefully recommend it to their friends.

I think what it’s done for me, I’ll start with that, is give me confidence so when I go out there, I go out there as an author. There is something about doing it that distinguishes you. There are thousands of coaches, probably thousands of them on my block in Manhattan, but how many of them have a book?

I launched a Constant Contact newsletter the month I launched the book, and every month when I go into Constant Contact and I look and see what are people clicking on, they are clicking to get information on the book. And I have links to other authors, I have links to other blogs, I have links to articles that have been in the paper, I have links to all kinds of things, but what are they clicking on? They are clicking to get information on the book? So that  says to me I need to do more stuff like that to bring people to this book.

Ultimately, it was the professionalism of Advantage that tipped me over to choosing Advantage to work with. And at the end, there was just no question.

My name is Lisa Parker and I am an Advantage author.”


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