Pat Williams on Being an Advantage Author

Advantage author Pat Williams, Co-founder of the NBA’s Orlando Magic and author of Bobby Bowden on Leadership, Bear Bryant on Leadership and Tom Osborne on Leadership, shares his experiences of becoming an author while working with Adam Witty and the Advantage team.

“Hi, I am Pat Williams Co-founder and Senior Vice President of the Orlando Magic basketball team and a very, very happy Advantage author.

I am working on my seventh book right now with Advantage so I have a long history, did the first book about five years ago and have a bright future with Advantage. I am in the professional basketball business and so there’s is a great interest in what I am writing about I think athletically. I write about leadership, I write about teamwork, I write about success, winning and so those subjects are really interlocked with the world of sports that I live in.

Being an author for Advantage has done a great deal for my business. I speak publicly around the country in addition to my work with the Magic and it’s awfully important, I think, to have good books available that you’ve written.

I think I get a very good return on investment. I have enjoyed working with Adam Witty and his staff at Advantage, they turn out a beautiful product, very, very classy, very professional and I have the opportunity to sell those books when I am speaking, sell them through the internet, sell them through mail and the return on investment is very good for me.

I have known Adam Witty who is from here in Orlando, since he was about 18 years old, a freshman at Clemson University and so Adam has a remarkable ability to woo you, to charm you, to convince you that he is on the right track and boy he is.

My name is Pat Williams and I am an Advantage author.”

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