Advantage Member Nola Peacock always loved spending time with kids, so she chose to devote her life and career to it. She started her career in nursing and eventually became a Family Relationship Expert, which resulted in the creation of her company, Confident Happy Kids, where she is the founder and owner.

Peacock created the Confident Happy Kids and Confident Happy Parents Programs to empower and inspire families to create strong, harmonious and loving relationships. Through these programs, children and teens are shown techniques to develop confidence, resilience and feel excited about life’s possibilities. Parents learn techniques and strategies to support their children to become successful adults, reduce conflict, increase cooperation and have more fun as a family

“My desire to help kids led me to my nursing career,” she explains. “I worked in Pediatric Oncology as well as the emergency department. Being with a child as they took their last breath really changed my perspective on life, and I realized how precious life is and how we are never promised tomorrow.”

Peacock’s past and personal career experience led her to create Confident Happy Kids in 2011.

“I wanted to make a difference and help young people and their families ease their struggles, connect at a deeper level, and create harmony in their homes,” says Peacock. “Using my nursing skills, life coaching skills and mothering skills, I created my own programs to give kids the tools to deal with their stress. I also created programs to assist parents, not only to support their kids, but to take care of themselves.”

Honoring Our Kids: How To Encourage Growing Hearts & Minds

Peacock wanted to create a book that could help parents unlock their child’s success, and teach them how to address their child’s challenges, inspire them to take care of themselves, and feel more confident in their parenting role.

“Learning that I could be interviewed, rather than having to physically write my book sold me,” she explains. “I had always questioned my ability to write. This made it possible to get my message out in a bigger way.”

After her book hit the market, it began to have a huge impact on Peacock’s career and the lives of those who read it.

“Publishing my book has given me more credibility and exposure,” says Peacock. “I love hearing from parents who have read my book and share with me how it has helped their family. Having the book has also boosted my own confidence. It has helped me realize how much I do know and I love that through my book I am able to help many more kids and their families.”

“Finding Advantage changed everything for me,” she says. “Every Team Member I worked with has been incredibly encouraging and they have guided and supported me every step of the way. Their customer service is remarkable, and they have inspired me to care for my clients the way that they do as I always felt special.”

Finally, some advice to fellow authors.

“Find the right publisher. Do your research,” Nola explains. “I have heard many authors who were extremely frustrated and overwhelmed with the process. I am so grateful that my process from beginning to end was easy and pleasurable. I always felt important and was constantly surprised at the incredible customer service from Advantage.”

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