The new influencer marketingInfluencer marketing has been a hot trend in marketing and promotions circles for the last couple of years. Hundreds of articles have been written that can explain the ins and outs of working with “influencers” to extend the reach of your brand or service.

You might have even reached out to a few bloggers or YouTube personalities about working with your company (or maybe you haven’t even had time to attempt such marketing tactics!).

What if we told you that there’s a new way to think about better influencer marketing that has the potential to open up even more opportunities for you and your business? The new influencer marketing means not just relying on other influencers to promote your brand, but actually becoming the influencer yourself.

What does becoming the influencer mean? How can influencer marketing become part of your authority marketing strategy? Here are a few suggestions on how to get started.

Build your “owned” media channels. We love the idea of the PESO model of thinking about the media landscape – paid, earned, social and owned media. What is owned media? It’s all of the channels you own – maybe your blog, your newsletter or your website, for instance. Use the channels you have (or create them if you don’t!) to create and share content from your own point-of-view, rather than relying on influencers to share your story for you. Have a great customer testimonial? Shoot a quick video or write a blog post and share it. Content creation will continue to be a huge part of growing your authority and influence in 2018.

Connect directly with the influencers who matter most. Does it really matter to your bottom line if a well-known blogger mentions you once in a post about a topic that isn’t even that relevant to your customer base? Don’t waste your time trying to get big-name influencers to mention you. Instead, spend more time focusing on your customers to get a better understanding of the people and brands that truly matter to them, and then connect directly with those people and brands. And DEFINITELY don’t just pay for a mention. Are you a financial analyst working with customers who primarily live in one community? Maybe it’s just as impactful to connect with community leaders as it would be to connect with the big names in finance.

Share your expertise. We’ve said it here many times – if you really want to position your business or organization as the expert in a specific subject matter, you need to step up as the authority. There’s no better way to do so than to write the book on the matter. Ultimately, your customers (and potential customers) will always rely on influencers to help them make decisions about who to work with or what companies to trust – whether those influencers are well-known or word-of-mouth. As an author that has written the book on a specific subject, you will become a trusted advisor and influencer by default.

Become the authority and become the influencer, rather than relying on others to influence your customers for you. It’s easier than you think it is (we promise!).

Interested in this new model of influencer marketing? Read more here about how we can help you get started.

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