orthodontist client growth business growth ideasAs his business partner prepared to retire from their orthodontic practice, Dr. Jamie Reynolds feared they may lose a competitive edge. His partner, who was well-known in the community, greatly contributed to their popularity with locals. To stem the effect, he knew he needed to create a similar air of local celebrity. This demanded the creation of a strong, well-recognized personal brand. Shortly after meeting Advantage Founder & CEO, Adam Witty, he realized that a published book was the ultimate foundation on which to build his personal brand. He described it as “the perfect solution” to the struggle he faced.

“Everything Adam spoke about aligned with my objectives, so I scheduled the planning day in Charleston. Once I met the team, and saw the level of knowledge and expertise they provide, I knew Advantage 

was for me.” His debut book, World Class Smiles, Made in Detroit, swiftly rose to Amazon bestseller status. Reynolds was thrilled to see the “near immediate impact in the community from a personal branding [perspective.]” His star was rising quickly, and the book earned glowing reviews. Having added the Authority Marketing System to his publishing plan, the Advantage team worked tirelessly to build a towering web presence and social media following for Reynolds, situating him as Detroit’s orthodontic authority.

Having a published author at the helm became a tremendous asset to the practice, which has grown 20-30 percent annually since publication. “We recently expanded to two new locations. The brand we built extended beyond our local area. Doctors and families had heard of us, which made [attracting clients] in the new location far easier than it was a decade ago.” Outside the experience of releasing his book and cultivating authority, he has thoroughly enjoyed being a Member of the Advantage Family. He highlights the company’s Authority Insider Forums as his personal favorite. “It’s a really fantastic and impressive group. [You] realize that people across very different industries are working toward relatively similar goals, and struggling with relatively similar problems,” he says. The “extremely valuable” meetings are “packed with both great content and amazing brand-building opportunities.” Above all, Reynolds continues to thrive in his relationship with the Advantage team.


Success By The Numbers


25% business growth year over year

2 new business locations

2,000 new social followers


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