business growth for plastic surgeonsMichael R. Burgdorf, MD, MPH has cultivated a gleaming reputation since he founded Music City Plastic Surgery in 2012. As one of Nashville’s premier plastic surgeons, his former patients have transformed into raving fans, heralding his surgical skill as a “class of its own.” With a central mission to help mothers and fathers enhance their body confidence, he would dutifully educate potential patients on their options. However, Dr. Burgdorf came to realize that one-to-one interactions with patients, no matter how rich, were inherently limiting. His impact was confined to the walls of his office. He hoped to broaden that impact and present his value proposition to a much wider audience. Publishing a book swiftly emerged as the best way to achieve that goal. It would allow him to reach far more men and women who privately struggled with issues of body confidence.

Armed with newfound aspirations to become an author, Dr. Burgdorf teamed with Advantage|ForbesBooks to publish two books geared toward his target demographic. Going forward, he would be known as “the guy who wrote the book on it.’” The trademarked TalkYourBook® program allowed him to talk through his points with a skilled ghostwriter, to ultimately create something of “substance, emotional appeal, and impact.” The Mommy Makeover and The Daddy Do Over were released in 2015 and 2018, respectively, to glowing reviews. He describes publication as a “golden opportunity” that “fueled the growth of [his] business,” and a powerful “differentiator” that set him apart from his competitors. Since publishing with Advantage|ForbesBooks, Dr. Burgdorf has enjoyed the following:

  • Television and radio exposure at the national and local level, including a spot on syndicated medical talk show, The Doctors, as well as news station segments which directly to:
  • Increased patient flow/surgery schedulings
  • Multiple interviews on, NYDaily News, NY Post, Cosmetic Surgery Times, MomZette, Plastic Surgery Practice, Zwivel, HealthZette, and more
  • 3 major speaking events within his industry
  • The opportunity to launch a coaching business “due to the increased credibility of having two Amazon #1 Best-Selling books”

Business Growth for Plastic Surgeons

Publishing a book in healthcare helped Dr. Burgdorf grow his practice by leaps and bounds. The year The Mommy Makeover debuted, the growth of Music City Plastic Surgery tripled. The increased patient flow allowed him to scale back on and then completely drop insurance cases, focusing his efforts entirely on cosmetic cash-paying patients. Every year since, MCPS has experienced double-digit growth. He was able to increase prices by 10% since the release of his books, a move he attributes greatly to the prestige that being a published author afforded him. 

Read more about Dr. Burgdorf and Music City Plastic Surgery here. To learn more about joining his ranks and becoming an Advantage|ForbesBooks author, you are invited to contact us.



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