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1 in 5 women plan on pursuing cosmetic surgery this year.

When they grab their laptops and start looking for the best plastic surgeon in the city, will your practice be the most attractive candidate in their search?  You need to be “the obvious choice” for who they should work with, no matter how many competitors there are in the vicinity. But how do you guarantee that?

I know how. Read on.

When she starts digging through your webpage, she’s looking for:

  • Pricing
  • Bad reviews
  • An X-factor that makes you more compelling than the guy one Google result above you

So what makes you different as a surgeon? Your customer service, your cutting-edge skill, a few specialty services? The thing is, EVERYBODY’S doing that. What is everyone NOT doing. They’re not intentionally marketing themselves as huge celebrities and they’re not being specific about what they’re better at than anyone else. They’re not saying: “I am THE leading expert in THESE cosmetic procedures.

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To get an influx of new cosmetic patients:

  1. You must PRESENT yourself as a famous plastic surgeon who’s an unquestionable leader and authority. You need to make it seem like your reputation precedes you.
  2. Then, you must be SPECIFIC about what you’re better at than anyone else, or which type of client you’re better suited to serve than anyone else.
  3. Finally, take a note from real-life celebrities: YOUR NAME needs to become the brand you market, not just your practice’s brand.

But… how?

The 3 best plastic surgery marketing strategies, yours for the taking:

1. “Write the book on it.” There’s a tremendous amount of power that comes with being the surgeon who actually “wrote the book on” whatever procedure/patient you want to target. If you publish a book, it’s going to become your single greatest asset when it comes to sticking out from competing cosmetic surgeons. Think about how many business cards get lost in the bottom of purses. A published book is the ultimate business card for your plastic surgery practice. It will sit on a potential patient’s desk or coffee table for months, and when the time is right, you’ll immediately come to mind.


2. Create a referral system with strong incentives to get more people in your community talking about you. No marketing tactic will match the power of someone telling their friend, “Oh, he’s the best.” People trust the unbiased feedback of someone who has already “sampled the goods.” So don’t wait. Seek out referrals intentionally and systematically. Pro tip: a published book is an excellent way to nab more referrals. Hand out free copies, and encourage your best patients to give them out to friends. Positive word-of-mouth, fueled by a published book, is one of the fastest ways to become a local celebrity.


3. Give interviews. Incidentally, one of the best ways to GET interviews with the media is a book. As a published author, you become a much hotter commodity who can give your expert opinion to the media. With every appearance or article, both your visibility and the level of trust with prospective clients will increase.


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