Let’s face it—life can throw you some major curveballs, starting out as a young adult. Think about when you were growing up: did you have the necessary tools to solve life’s problems? Some do, and some don’t. When you’re the CEO of an organization, you ultimately have to take on some of the biggest challenges your organization faces. But for Chris McGoff, his mission is to help equip the world with problem solvers to they can face dilemmas each and every day, with ease.

Chris McGoff, is the founder of The Clearing, Inc., a strategic management consultancy that outfits businesses and organization with the tools they need to tackle complex, high stake problems. Those tools are called the PRIMES. McGoff created PRIMES three decades ago with a shoebox full of paper napkins. He would inevitably take a napkin and pen and illustrate a key point for a leader, or a leader would illustrate that point for him.

“I realized over the 30 years that we were repeating a finite number of these distinctions, and so I collected these napkins and they became the PRIMES,” explains McGoff. “The PRIMES are architecture, the operating system of how groups get things done and show up in history.”

From the PRIMES, McGoff developed the theory of a Peak Performance Culture for organizations, where the goal is to create a culture that drives everyone in it to perform at their peak. But the message is more than just culture, it’s about the customer. Simply put, your organization exists to meet the unmet needs of your customer while also pursuing profitability. These two components are inseparable—the Customer is the driving force for Culture, and the Culture exists to support the customers.


Outfitting The Next Generation for Success

Why did McGoff devote his time and energy into constructing a company that is committed to seeing other organizations grow with the PRIMES and have a Peak Performance Culture?

“The real reason we’re putting this material together is to outfit the next generation of problem solvers with the power tools they need,” says McGoff.

Originally, the PRIMES was a scrapbook of those illustrated napkins that McGoff reproduced and gave out to his children and their friends. It started gaining a lot of momentum and success, so he was fortunate enough to speak to high school seniors that were graduating and outfit them with the PRIMES so they were ready to face the problems of the workforce that they would be challenged with. After the success of the PRIMES with students, adults started raising their hands asking for the PRIMES themselves.


The Match In The Root Cellar

McGoff’s next book will continue building on the theory of a Peak Performance Culture and the Seven Pillars that create it’s foundation. “The real commitment from this project is to power up the next generation with the necessary tools found in the PRIMES and now The Match In The Root Cellar with what we think they need to be outfitted with as they climb their mountain,” explains McGoff. “Have you ever taken a hike and outfitted yourself before you go? You look at that mountain, you look at the task, and you outfit yourself appropriately. My motivation is to outfit the problem solvers of the world.”

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