• Founder of Brown Plastic Surgery
  • Double board certified in both general surgery and plastic surgery
  • Voted the 2017 Reader’s choice for best plastic surgeon by paradise valley lifestyle magazine.

Side profile of a woman facing right. Her finger tips are on her chin, her eyes closed and head tipped slightly back as if she is thinkingPlastic surgery has become engrained in American popular culture, with famous celebrities and personalities across every social media platform altering their physical appearance and influencing others to do the same. When people mention plastic surgery, certain stigmas arise in questioning why a person would want to alter who they are and the body they have—maybe social pressure compelled them to get a nose job they never needed, or they wanted a face lift because their spouse told them they’d look better with it.

Dr. Richard Brown knows this all too well. A plastic surgeon with decades of experience, Dr. Brown is not only an expert in aesthetic and reconstructive plastic surgery, but also an expert on understanding the why of his patients. In The Real Beauty Bible, Dr. Brown details every major treatment option available to address patients’ needs, as well as what it means to live a life unhappy with your body, and how much transformation can occur post-op. But he makes one point clear: “Having plastic surgery can be the best decision you’ve ever made—but it can also be the worst decision, if you’re doing it for the wrong reasons and don’t choose the best surgeon you can find.”


“You have to understand your motivations for having surgery

so that you can make good decisions for yourself.”


“You have to understand your motivations for having surgery so that you can make good decisions for yourself,” he writes. Dr. Brown was twenty-four when he underwent plastic surgery himself for his nose, which had been broken several times playing baseball when he was younger. After reassurance from his mother, he got the surgery and it changed his life. He says, “It was purely cosmetic. Period. I was honest with my family and myself about that.”

Back of the head of a child where a baseball uniform, about to hit a ball flying through the air toward him


After his own plastic surgery, Dr. Brown continued through school to become certified in general surgery and plastic surgery, where he makes a difference in his patients’ lives every day by giving them the confidence to succeed in their life.

Many patients that do want plastic surgery— whether it’s reconstruction after cancer or other health concerns, or just purely cosmetic to boost their confidence and transform the way they feel about themselves—don’t understand the process behind plastic surgery. They don’t understand the scarring, the swelling, the recovery time—many of them expect instant gratification. In addition, some patients don’t change their lifestyles and habits after certain procedures—for instance, a patient who continues to overeat after having a tummy tuck. Dr. Brown believes “A successful patient is one who’s willing to put in the work to maintain the results.”

Dr. Brown didn’t just write a textbook on the different types of procedures and how good they can make someone look—he wrote a book on the impact of plastic surgery, and how procedures can completely transform patients by rejuvenating their appearance and giving them their life back. No one should have to be content with a body they hate—there’s always a solution, and all the information to take the first steps toward change lies within The Real Beauty Bible.

3 Fascinating Facts About Richard Brown:

1. Broke his nose three times playing baseball prompting his own plastic surgery at age twenty-four

2. Originally had planned to work in the family business of selling computers to medical practices

3. Worked in a trauma center in Chicago during general-surgery training where he helped with reconstructive surgeries for stabbing and gunshot victims

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