Sebastian Rusk, Founder of and author of Social Media Sucks! (If You Don’t Know What You’re Doing), shares his experiences of working with Adam Witty and the Advantage team.

“My name is Sebastian Rusk, I am the Founder of and I am from Miami, FL. I have published one book with Advantage Media Group in 2014 titled Social Media Sucks! (If You Don’t Know What You’re Doing).

Being an author has really increased the exposure for my brand, not only my personal brand but for our agency as well to increase speaking engagements, new relationships and really allowed me to have a brand new type of business card.

Within my industry of social media, digital marketing, things move at a rapid speed. Almost at every second it seems things are changing. I wanted to write a book that gave my opinion and helped people really understand exactly where we are at with all of this and how it’s moving so rapidly and nows the time to really get on board and adapt social media to your brand and to your message.

As far as return on investment is concerned regarding being a published author. It continues to pay dividends over and over and over again. Why because we’ve got speaking engagements, consulting gigs and of course the sale of books which always helps. There are several different angles that really tie into the ROI of being a published author. I’m really excited about it.

I decided to publish my book with Advantage because when I first understood what their solutions were pertaining to Talk Your Book and Launch Your Book and then meeting the team and going through the process, even the preliminary process, before we started writing the book, was just incredible. They are a top notch brand, extremely professional and turn key solution.

My name is Sebastian Rusk and I am an Advantage author.”

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