Adam Witty featured on Radio Show; Step Up and Play Big with Chris Ruisi

Yesterday, CEO and Founder of Advantage Media Group, Adam Witty, was interviewed by author Chris Ruisi on his weekly live radio show, “Step Up and Play Big”. The episode titled, The Pen is Mightier than the Sword: The Power of a Book to Grow Your Business, is now available online and features a discussion on how to quickly and easily write and publish your own book to build or grow your business.

Adam begins by sharing the entrepreneurial story of how he founded and grew Advantage to the success that it is today. “I’m in the people business,” Adam explains, stressing the importance of building an “A-Team” to help manage and expand his company. Adam agrees that the two most important pieces of advice for a modern entrepreneur are: 1. The world belongs to a salesman with leadership and 2. You must be resilient, “learn to be comfortable with being uncomfortable.”

Chris continues to discuss Adam’s newest book, Book the Business: How to Make Big Money with Your Book Without Even Selling a Single Copy. Adam’s notes, the first six letters in the word “authority” spell “author.” To gain income streams, Adam encourages authors to speak… for free! This supports the theory that proving your expertise to the right crowd, will in turn, gain you new clients. A book serves as a media magnet that sets you apart from the crowd, gains you credibility, and strengthens your “omnipresence.”

Chris and Adam also cover how a book can find new business partners, create joint ventures and open doors to new opportunities. A book serves as the ultimate referral marketing tool and can help grow your clientele base. By repurposing your book into multiple content marketing channels, you will ultimately gain even further exposure. 

Want to learn more? Listen to all of Adam’s tips and tricks on how to build or grow your business with a book.  Download the entire interview here.

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