Written by Annie Bancroft, Our Summer Corporate Marketing Intern

As a fan of NBC’s “The Office,” I have watched every episode of the series, some multiple times. Though I have experienced the hilariously dysfunctional Dunder Mifflin fictional work environment through the small screen, I wondered what my internship at the real, Advantage|ForbesBooks office would actually be like.


As a dynamic, client-centered company, Advantage|ForbesBooks is focused on leading professionals to meet their business and brand growth goals through a published book and Authority Marketing techniques. The internship opportunity aligned with my business and communications interests and coursework, and I was excited to get started.


My primary responsibility was to develop Team Member bio content for the new ForbesBooks website. I interviewed each Team Member within the Entrepreneurship, Finance, and Health Practice Groups to learn about their roles, career paths, and personal and professional interests. I enjoyed hearing about the different roles that make up a company and about each Team Members’ professional experiences, and, as a rising college senior, believe these conversations will help me during my search for a post-grad position. When the website was launched on July 19, I was proud to see my contribution and felt that my internship was especially productive.


Throughout the summer, I also researched and contributed social media marketing content for the Entrepreneurship Practice Group. Attending a weekly marketing strategy meeting, I gained an understanding of how the company creatively reaches prospective Members, as well as how an efficient meeting is run. I experienced first-hand the company’s innovative and welcoming culture during AdvantageStock, a two-day, annual Team Member development event.


Though I ultimately had the unique opportunity to collaborate with several Team Members through my projects, I was officially part of the Entrepreneurship Practice Group with Bea Wray, the Entrepreneurship Practice Chair. I admire Bea as a strong business leader, a successful entrepreneur, and a busy mom. I appreciate and value the guidance and mentorship she offered me throughout the summer. Honing my time and project management and communication skills by planning and completing the bio content, I enjoyed the independence I was given to work on the projects. However, I was also grateful for Bea’s accessibility, as well as the accessibility of her fellow Team Members, who were willing to offer their input and knowledge, even carving time out of their busy schedules to meet so I could learn as much as possible.


With the elegant, historical, and culturally rich Charleston as the backdrop, it was truly a summer for the books!

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