There are numerous reasons as to why writing a book may be top of mind for you—or even just a passing thought. Perhaps you’ve been thinking about writing a book for years now, ever since your business first hit its stride. Or maybe you haven’t thought about it much at all, but every so often, someone from your network tells you that you should really consider putting pen to paper to share your knowledge with the world. Or maybe you’ve just seen a colleague or industry peer publish their own work, with great success, and seeing what they’ve accomplished makes you consider what you could do with the same opportunity. But you may be wondering just how much a book will really do for you. 

erica and eduardo campos headshotWill it really help you achieve your goals—whether your aim is to build authority in your field; increase awareness about your business and/or your approach or to simply capture your personal, professional or organizational history?

And what happens after pub day passes, along with the hype of those first few weeks and months? Will your book just sit on your shelf, and/or serve as a paperweight or doorstop for those who have read it? 

The answer is a resounding no—particularly if you build an effective marketing plan to usher your book from launch well into the future. We’ll cover the power of the right marketing plan in another post, but for now, let’s talk about some of the things your book can do for you—today and tomorrow. 

Speaking engagements, media mentions and interviews—oh my! Once you’ve written the book on it, whatever “it” may be—financial management, restaurant operations, plastic surgery, you name it—people will know you have something to say (after all, you’ve already said it in writing). And they’ll come to you when they need insight on that particular subject. That may mean hiring you to speak on the topic of leadership or executive coaching, interviewing you on general strategy or industry nuances for the local—or national—news or requesting a quote on the ins and outs of your operation or the field-specific trends you’re seeing for a newspaper or magazine article. They may even reach out for your expertise (or simply quote your book) when they’re working on a manuscript of their own! 

It goes without saying that these iterative opportunities are a tremendous boon for your individual and business brand. And bonus: they aren’t limited to the period directly following publication; instead, they can come your way for years! In fact, many of our authors use their books to launch speaking careers that have actually become their primary source of income. With the right strategy, your book can serve you in the same way. 

Content, content, and more content. The greatest books out there are evergreen, providing timeless advice that is as applicable ten years down the line as it was the day it was written. And that means you can repurpose that content in a multitude of ways. It can become the basis for blog and social media posts across every channel you’re on, podcasts, keynote speeches, courses and retreats—there are essentially no limits on how, and how much, you use the material. 

With all that information generated up front during the book-writing process, you’ll also be saving yourself many hours that would otherwise be spent mining for new content in the recess of your brain and file folders. In that sense, a book is truly a gift you give yourself that keeps on giving. 

More business. This one is pretty straightforward. A book creates buzz and establishes your authority in your industry. It is credibility that you can hold in your hands and share with others. When you’ve made it clear that you’re the go-to expert in your field via a book, prospective clients and customers will seek out your services. They will tell their friends that they’re working with (or buying from) the leader in X, Y or Z, and encourage them to check out your offerings. Those benefits are long-lasting, following you into future endeavors. The momentum builds on itself, for a reputational and financial impact that can be so significant that it’s challenging to quantify—as it will only grow over time. 

Think of it this way: a book can be a one-time investment that keeps paying dividends. 

Ready to tell your story? We’re here to help. Learn about our writing process here, check out our books on the subject, and take the first step to bring your book to life.

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