Brunette businesswoman talking on phoneTalkYourBook® is a system that allows you to talk through the content of the book you want to write, then let a writer turn it into a polished manuscript. 

Here at Advantage|ForbesBooks, we conceived the TalkYourBook program to help business owners with very busy schedules write a book. In lieu of sitting down at a desk and cranking out a manuscript (which, for some, can take years), we came up with a service that allows business leaders to talk through the stories they want to share and insights they’ve gathered, with their designated writer. This happens over the phone in a series of interviews, taking less than 24 hours of your time. Your writer then takes the content from your TalkYourBook interviews and turns it into a polished, readable manuscript for your review and approval. Sounds good, right?

TYB is a one of the most attractive features about Advantage|ForbesBooks for would-be authors. Many of our existing Members were drawn to us by the ease and convenience of this method. Once we tuned into the needs of our target audience (incredibly busy entrepreneurs and CEOs with a trail of accolades and accomplishments), it seemed only logical to create and offer up this service.

Prior to making contact with Advantage|ForbesBooks, countless business owners had prematurely shelved the idea of writing their book, thinking it just couldn’t be done if their writing skills weren’t up to par. The TalkYourBook program provided the missing panel in the bridge to authorship for this type of business owner. You are the director of this process, and will have veto power on the project and the authority to make any revisions as you see fit.

How Does TalkYourBook Work?

  • You will begin by creating a detailed outline for your book, with the assistance of your project editor. Our Book Outline Questionnaire is a thoughtful compilation of questions meant to gather insights into your taste, style, and preferences, so that they may be adequately reflected in your book.
  • You are also prompted to supply your project editors with other content, infographics, company materials, visuals, presentations and studies that you wish to emulate or reference in your own book.
  • You will then complete a series of interviews, usually conducted over the phone, in which you give responses to a host of questions about the substance, direction, and tone of your book.
  • The content created by our seasoned writers will be based on these conversations. It may take as little as 10 hours to extract all the thoughts and ideas necessary to create a manuscript – although more than 250 hours will be invested into writing it.
  • You are then handed a first draft for review, able to make edits or comments and supply them to your project editor for execution. The manuscript is then polished and fine-tuned with your edits, moving on to the comprehensive copy edit.
  • You will not need to enter these sessions with an exact vision of what your book will be. The purpose of the sessions is to arrive at that point! 

If the ability to talk through your book ideas and have them materialize is appealing to you, do not hesitate to reach out to us. Apply here, you may be our next author!

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