If you’ve had your own business for a while, you’ve probably invested in it in numerous ways—high quality equipment, professional development for yourself and your staff, a CRM system to track interactions with current and future buyers or clients, just to name a few. But chances are, you haven’t taken one of the most effective actions out there to improve ROI: writing your own book. 

It may sound absurd, particularly if you haven’t drafted anything more than an email or sales report since freshman comp. But a book can actually be an incredibly powerful tool for entrepreneurs—especially those interested in scaling their business (and last time we checked, that’s most—if not all—of them). Why? It all comes down to authority. 

You no doubt know that to earn big in any sector, you have to stand out. But that’s easier said than done: Only 4 percent of the 28 million businesses in the U.S. bring in more than $1 million in sales. Just .4 percent exceed $10 million, and a mere 17,000 surpass $50 million. 

No matter where you fall on the sales spectrum, you probably wonder about how to bring in more business. It’s why you’ve made many of the investments we’ve already discussed. Marketing is most likely a budget line item for you, too. But what about Authority Marketing? It’s a discipline you may not have heard of, but it can have a tremendous impact on your success. 

Authority Marketing is defined as the strategic process of systematically positioning a person or an organization as the leader and expert in their industry, community and marketplace to command outsized influence over all competitors

That’s certainly a mouthful, but in essence, it’s about increasing your influence to stand out and pull in more prospects. It’s about giving yourself an edge. And it doesn’t happen by accident. 

Strategy is a key part of the definition of Authority Marketing. It takes effort and planning to cultivate and demonstrate leadership and expertise. It can take a lot of time and energy to create that impression in the minds of potential customers or colleagues: ads, calls, meetings, media attention and more. But it doesn’t have to. That’s where writing a book comes in. 

Everyone wants to do business with individuals and companies that are established in their fields, people and organizations with the knowledge and skills to get the job done. When you have a book, you have already exhibited that authority and expertise—and you have it right at your fingertips, ready to hand over to anyone who may be interested. Those bound pages indicate right off the bat that you have something worthwhile to say, and that they would benefit from listening (or reading, in this case).

Moreover, you can use that book as a foundation to grow authority in other ways, further reinforcing your elite status in the market. Here are just a few of the ways a book can help build your authority: 

  • Increase your media presence. Journalists frequently turn to industry experts when developing stories for radio, print, and television. When you’ve literally written the book on the subject, they’ll reach out to you for insight on the latest developments in your field. Media attention means more visibility—and a boost for your bottom line. 
  • Open up speaking opportunities. Speaking conveys authority to an audience instantly, and comes with its own set of income streams in the form of speaking fees, sales, and lead generation. Having a book to your name makes you a prime candidate for speaking engagements, as you’ve already shown that you have plenty to talk about. 
  • Provide content for other channels. To be top of mind for consumers, you have to have presence. That presence is built by pushing out content in multiple forms and lengths: not just books, but also social media and blog posts, articles in print and online, podcasts, white papers, and more. It can be a challenge to generate that content on a regular basis, but with a book , you’ve already done the work up front. You have one hundred or more pages of material that can easily be adapted for a variety of formats. The result? Serious clout. 


Writing a book may be sounding more compelling right about now, but you may still be unconvinced that you can make it happen. That’s where we come in. For more information on how we can take your vision and ideas and turn them into an invaluable Authority Marketing tool, click here

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