Authority Marketing Services

Content marketing to help educate your prospects and share your words and ideas.

Authority Brand Website with Hosting, Maintenance and Optimization

Our team will custom-design a stunning website to showcase your personal brand, mission, and book. This will become your online home base for attracting speaker inquiries and publicity. Your site will also include a speaking page, press room, blog, and opt-ins to drive lead flow and email list growth.

Custom-Built Assessment + Nurturing, Multi-Step Email Drip

Interactive content—such as assessments, calculators, and quizzes—generates conversions moderately or very well 70 percent of the time, compared to just 36 percent of the time for passive content, like a free chapter download, whitepaper, or newsletter subscription. Quizzes allow you to gather information about a lead. In exchange, the lead receives free, personalized feedback. Although we will handle the development and technical side of creating the assessment, we need your help creating the content for the best possible quiz for your audience and will work closely with you to create questions, answers, and scoring logic. Paired with a fully-automated multi-step email drip program, you’ll be educating prospects about your business without lifting a finger.

Ghostwritten Blogs

There is no better engine for the growth of your authority brand than a high-quality blog showcasing your thought leadership. We understand how busy you are, so we’ll pair you with a ghostwriter with experience in your industry to create 400-600-word posts to ensure your blog stays fresh and compelling. We will work with you to ensure your voice and authority brand message are reaching your target audience.

Long-Form Ghostwritten Article

Our ghostwriters will work with you to create a 1,200-word piece of content to further nurture your prospects or help you generate more marketing qualified leads each month. This content is customizable and could be a whitepaper or long-form newsjacking blog. This article of your choosing also includes utilizing our award-winning graphic design team to add formatting elements and infographics to make the consumption of your material more engaging.

Monthly Video Short

Video is more compelling and ranking higher on social media platforms than ever before. With the HD-camera quality and video technology available, even the most basic smartphones, self-filmed, organic, relatable content is easier to record and distribute than ever. Organic content is also resonating with prospects. Each month we’ll help you create a short, but engaging, 2-minute video featuring you talking about a topic in your niche to further your authority status and create more evergreen, sharable content to use in your social media, blogs, and email drips for years to come. Minor editing available when applicable.

Get Your Personalized Authority Scorecard

Receive a complimentary critique of your business’ marketing and digital performance without having to talk to a human.

Authority Scorecard